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Chocolate Concierge - Damak 72% Chocolate Bar

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Product Description

Malaysian Craft Chocolate - Chocolate Concierge

Product facts:

  • Chocolate maker: Chocolate Concierge, Kuala Lumpur
  • Cocoa origin: Damak, Jerantut, Pahang
  • Roast profile:  Not available
  • Conche period: Not available
  • Net weight: 50g 

Dietary concerns: Vegan. Gluten-free. Liquor-free.

Packing and storage requirements: Keep in a cool shaded location.  

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cane sugar. 

Important note for fulfillment of online orders: 

  • Please note that we have a cut-off time of 4PM for next day delivery. For example, if you order and pay before 4PM on Tuesday, you will receive it on Wednesday between noon until 5.30PM.  

Cocoa origin information:

  • These are artisanal products and are not commercial mass-produced bars. Each purchase goes back through the supply chain to the cocoa farmers.