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Cocoraw x Alba Chocolatier - Chocolate Mooncake

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Product Description

  Pre-order now for pick up / delivery from the  1st of September 2023  

Say nay to traditional mooncakes with our crowd-pleasing chocolate mooncakes this year. Joining hands with Alba Chocolatier, we are going all in this time with only craft chocolates. 

Featuring local flavours and a special variant with cocoa sourced from Venezuela, do not miss out on this box as we have only limited quantities available.

Each box contains 4 different variants:

  1. Matcha Strawberry - Venezuelan white chocolate, cream, cocoa butter, matcha, fresh strawberries, castor sugar, lemon juice and pectin.
  2. Pineapple Coconut Chocolate - Alba's MyBlend (Bera & Chemor) dark chocolate base, coconut milk, pineapple jam, Venezuelan white chocolate, cream and coconut cookies.
  3. Lotus Supercrema - Alba's MyBlend (Bera & Chemor) dark chocolate base, lotus paste and Alba's Supercrema (hazelnut chocolate paste).
  4. Orange Chocolate - Chemor dark chocolate, cream, orange zest, roasted almonds, liquid glucose, castor sugar and salt. 

Size and weight: Net weight - 200 grams

Item size: Diameter of 45mm with a height of 25mm. Weight of each mooncake is 50 grams. 

Pre-order now for fulfilment from the 1st of September 2023 only (no earlier). 

Limited quantities are available from our Kedai Coklat cafes.